10 March 2012

Driving Lessons

I recently started my driving lessons after having my provisional license for over a year. I've had 4 lessons so far, but I'm finding it very challenging. I didn't think it was going to be easy but I thought soon as though most people can drive it can't be that hard! After my first couple of lessons I was thinking: "Everyone else makes this look so easy!", "This is harder than rocket science!", "You have to think about sooo many things at the same time!" and "There's to much to look at". I can now understand how easily accidents can happen when your full concentration isn't on your driving.
I've done a few stupid things, but so far I haven't stalled the car or hit the kerb! I've done a few bad things with the gears though, like changing gear from 2nd to 5th, or changing gear but not quite getting it into a gear and so was left in neutral!
It's starting to get a little easier though, the more practice I get. It would be nice to just get used to controlling the car before dealing with other traffic, but I guess that can't be avoided. I will be so pleased when I eventually pass my test; it will definitely be a big achievement!

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