31 March 2012

Random Thoughts

Sometimes I just love to watch and gaze in wonder at the true beauty around me. Stare at the horizon of an endless sea, look over countless fields in the country side, watch animals grazing and birds flying above. See how sunlight falls giving a whole spectrum of colours and leaving shadows where it does not reach. It amazes me how beautiful the world is, leaves me in a state of wonder.
...I guess that's why I love photography, because I want to capture all the beauty I see.
I stopped writing as I turned around and saw this on my bag!
I'm also pretty nosy. I like to sit on the top deck of buses so I can look at other people's houses and gardens. I like to see how other people decorate and what things they have. Weird, right? I love to look and it inspires me as to how I want my house to be (when I have one!) and the things I want to have.
I like to see farms, solar panels on roofs, wind turbines and veg patches. I like the ideas of sustainability and being self-sufficient. I'd love to be able to use 100% renewable energy, grow my own fruit and veg, recycle as much as I can, etc.
The view out the bus window when I was writing this.

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