2 July 2012

What would happen if everyone wore the same clothes?

If everyone wore the same clothes we would no longer have such a thing as fashion. No notice would be taken of the clothes we wore; it would be of no interest to anyone. Only a persons face and features could be used to distinguish them from the crowd. More importance would be put onto natural beauty rather the the fake visage we create. We wouldn't love someones style, we would love their personality. From a distance, everyone would look like clones.
Although this in fact is not true, as no matter what the person is wearing we are each unique. Our clothing is an extension of the individuality of who we are. We all choose what we want to wear and the image of ourselves we present to others. Clothing allows us to express our originality and without it we would crave this ability. A person shouldn't be judged by what they wear; what they wear should be read as part of their character.

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  1. That is a really interesting... I love how you explained it.