8 March 2012

Results Day!

We got our results for our January exams today at college. Obviously I hope for the best but I don't worry about what I'll get. I'll accept whatever results I get, and if they're not good then so be it, I can only improve in the future. (I take this attitude to most things in life: what's done is done, I can only move on and improve.) Turns out that my results ranged from very good...to very bad!
Basically my whole class (except one) got a U (failed) on our Physics exam! Our physics lecturer wasn't too pleased, but what can he say if we all fail - does that say something about how well the subject was taught to us? Or how much effort we put in to revising for the exam? Personally I think neither were great. I've not been putting so much effort into Physics lately because I don't think that it's important for what I want to do anymore. But needless to say, we're all retaking the exam as good grades are needed for Uni.

Anyway, that was the worst part. Maths was OK-ish. I got a C. I would've liked a higher grade, so I might retake, but it's a grade I can live with. Chemistry and Biology however, I am rather pleased with. (A's in both!) I know for these two subjects, especially Biology, I put a lot of effort into revising for and was focused on getting good grades in these as I know they're the subjects I need for the Uni courses I've applied for.
Overall the day was really good. Even the bad results in Physics didn't put a downer on the day. Didn't get much work done but had great fun at lunch with my friends!

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