10 October 2012

My Day

Right...so I've been so bad at writing on my blog since I've moved to Uni. But I would like that to change that as I do actually enjoy writing these posts. And no time better than the present so I'm gonna get back into writing by talking about my day.

I hate 9am starts. I know it's far better than when I was at college as don't have to travel for an hour and a half beforehand, but I am simply not a morning person! I meant to get up at 7:45 this morning but ended up pressing the snooze button for the next 20 minutes before finally surfacing. After that, getting dressed, doing my make-up and trying to eat breakfast was a complete rush. I left my bedroom at 8:50 and got to the lecture theater just in time.
It was Human Physiology, a lecture on the endocrine system and muscular system. During that lecture I just felt so tired though, so found it hard to concentrate. I don't even know why as I survived at college with a lot less sleep than I got last night.
After that we had a Human Physiology lab on histology. We were looking at tissues taken from organs of a rat, such as kidney, lungs or small intestine slides. I don't mind using a microscope to look at the slides and identify structures, but I hate drawing them. The unlucky thing about it though is this lab is assessed and we need to hand in 5 drawings showing appropriate level of detail and answer various questions about the tissues. We have two lab sessions to complete this in but I only managed to get 1 of the drawings finished on this first session. I found it so hard to draw a representation of what I could see. Also they expected more detail to be drawn than what I have previously had to when drawing from a microscope.
Finally for today I had a tutorial session. For this we had to prepare answers to questions based on DNA structure and discussed DNA replication. We have this session in a small group of 6 people, so everyone has to be involved in the discussions and can't go unnoticed. I think it's also a great way to show how much you know compared to everyone else. It certainly made me think that I need to do a bit more reading on the subject.
I made lunch when I got home, pesto pasta. Then I tried to get some work done but wanted something sweet to eat so I made some doughnut muffins instead. I'm now going to re attempt getting the work done!