21 November 2012

Is love limitless?

Is there any limit to how much we can love someone?
Can it keep getting stronger and stronger over time, an unbreakable bond?
Can love be unconditional?
Is there anything we would not do for the one we loved the most?

17 November 2012

Graffiti...vandalism or art?

I got out with my camera today, which I've not done for...too long! It was really nice to be taking photos again and thinking about what would make a good picture, what angle to take it from, what to focus on etc. While I was there I took the photos below, and wondered what other people's opinions of this where...is graffiti vandalism or art?

My opinion is that as long as it's not anywhere inappropriate (e.g. road signs, on someone's property) then it's art. It's a way someone can express themselves, their creativity and imagination.

13 November 2012


Love life.
Live your life.
Be happy.
Make others happy.
Have fun.
Fall in love.
Love with all your heart.
Don't worry.
And never,
Forget to SMILE!