25 July 2012

A Very Long Walk!

Yesterday I went for a very long walk with my Uncle. We walked along the old railway line in Truro from Treliske to the River Fal, and back again.We were waling for about 3/4 hours, I can't remember when I last walked that far.

We saw a lot of apples and hazelnuts on trees as well as blackberries just starting to grow.

We also came across this old watchmans house wich someone was using as shelter to sleep.

This walk would've been a lot easier to cycle. As it was an old railway line the path was very level and reminder me of the canal path I've walked down in France.

I think this was meant to be the destination although we did take a small detour.

22 July 2012

Summer Update

What a lovely day! Is this Summer finally arriving? I hope so.
Spent all of yesterday afternoon sat in the garden with Dan. It was the first day we were really able to do that and it was really nice to be just sat out together, talking and having fun without being stuck inside, Dan being on the xbox and me doing my own thing.
And today's been even better weather, although Dan's not come outside much as he got rather sun burnt yesterday. Someone who refuses to put sun cream on but always gets sun burnt!
I hope the weather stays this nice all week, and when I go on holiday. We've got family staying with us this week and my brother finishes school for the summer on Tuesday. It'd be nice to have a few beach days together.
And then the following week me and my brother will be going to France to visit our grandparents. I'm definitely looking forward to that!

14 July 2012

Lady at the Bus Stop

While waiting at the bus stop today I met a lovely old lady. She told me she was going to be 100 years old next year. I wouldn't have known if she hadn't have said, but how great it would be to reach that age.
She asked if I was from Cornwall, so I said I was. She said she was from a different country from me. Wales is where she was born and spent the first 15 years of her life. I thought it was nice that even though she'd spent most of her life in London she still considered herself to be from Wales.
She carried on to tell me some of the things she had done; that she'd been married for 56 years, had grandchildren as well as great-grandchildren. That in their house there was never any arguing, fall outs or bad language.
It was lovely to listen to her.

12 July 2012

Cleaning Candle Jars

I learnt something new the other day - how to clean out old candle jars. Despite my best efforts to burn my candles properly sometimes they end up with a hollow through the middle and wax stuck around the sides of the jar after several uses. I love burning scented candles and think it's quite a waste but there's not much you can do about it. So might as well be able to re-use the jar. After the wick has burnt out of an old candle, simply pour boiling water over the wax and watch it melt away and rise to the surface. Once the water has completely cooled there will be a sheet of wax on the top of the water which you can easily lift out.

7 July 2012

Don't Judge Me

This post is inspired by Chis Brown's song titled 'Don't Judge Me'.

Some Lyrics:
So please don't judge me
 And I won't judge you
 Cause it could get ugly 
Before it gets beautiful
Please don't judge me
And I won't judge you
And if you love me
Then let it be beautiful

I think the meaning of these words is so true. Someone may have done all sorts of things in their past, but people can change over time. Take someone for who they are, and don't listen to what others have told you about this person. So this song is basically saying don't judge someone on the person they used to be because that may not be who they are now. And if you give them a chance, you never know what could happen. If you enjoy spending time with someone it doesn't matter who they used to be with or what they've done before. The past can't be changed but you can create the future you want.

3 July 2012

Two Songs: Euphoria

On the same day I've found two songs named 'Euphoria' that I love! 

Loreen - Euphoria 
This song is amazing and an incredible performance.

Usher - Euphoria
I've been listening to Usher's new album non-stop for the last few days but I'm especially addicted to this song.

2 July 2012

What would happen if everyone wore the same clothes?

If everyone wore the same clothes we would no longer have such a thing as fashion. No notice would be taken of the clothes we wore; it would be of no interest to anyone. Only a persons face and features could be used to distinguish them from the crowd. More importance would be put onto natural beauty rather the the fake visage we create. We wouldn't love someones style, we would love their personality. From a distance, everyone would look like clones.
Although this in fact is not true, as no matter what the person is wearing we are each unique. Our clothing is an extension of the individuality of who we are. We all choose what we want to wear and the image of ourselves we present to others. Clothing allows us to express our originality and without it we would crave this ability. A person shouldn't be judged by what they wear; what they wear should be read as part of their character.

1 July 2012


I was walking through the city centre yesterday and saw a guy wearing a T-Shirt and holding leaflets who looked like he was promoting something. So I kinda tried to avoid him, but as I walked past he said to me "Smile", so naturally I did, "...There we go, much prettier". Such a lovely thing to say and so unexpected, I was smiling for a long time afterwards. Amazing how something so simple can brighten your day.

I always like to see people smiling and enjoying themselves. I think that's one of the most beautiful things to see, to see that someone is happy. I hate it when I've taken pictures of someone and they've said they look terrible smiling because you can see their wrinkles and I just say no, you happy when you're smiling.

Always remember to smile!