8 March 2012

Sleep is much needed!

I was going to put up a post last night. I'd planned to after dinner but instead I just crashed out on the sofa. Not good.

I have such long days at college and so little sleep that I get extremely tired sometimes (well, most of the time). To the point where I can't even keep my eyes open, hence sleeping on the bus and constant yawning during classes. So this is the reason for my goal of getting 8 hours of sleep a night (it would make an improvement on the current 6 hours I'm getting!)
I also have at least 3 hours traveling a day, which although I'm just sat on a bus the whole time is actually very tiring. Leave the house at 7 in the morning and don't get home until gone 6, so I hardly have any time outside college to get anything done. I get so stressed out sometimes about how little time I have to get anything done, and how tired I know I'll be when I don't get to sleep til really late.
So hopefully getting some more sleep will help this!

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