31 March 2012

Random Thoughts

Sometimes I just love to watch and gaze in wonder at the true beauty around me. Stare at the horizon of an endless sea, look over countless fields in the country side, watch animals grazing and birds flying above. See how sunlight falls giving a whole spectrum of colours and leaving shadows where it does not reach. It amazes me how beautiful the world is, leaves me in a state of wonder.
...I guess that's why I love photography, because I want to capture all the beauty I see.
I stopped writing as I turned around and saw this on my bag!
I'm also pretty nosy. I like to sit on the top deck of buses so I can look at other people's houses and gardens. I like to see how other people decorate and what things they have. Weird, right? I love to look and it inspires me as to how I want my house to be (when I have one!) and the things I want to have.
I like to see farms, solar panels on roofs, wind turbines and veg patches. I like the ideas of sustainability and being self-sufficient. I'd love to be able to use 100% renewable energy, grow my own fruit and veg, recycle as much as I can, etc.
The view out the bus window when I was writing this.

25 March 2012


Recently I've started to enjoy cooking a lot more than I used to. Since I've been living on my own with my boyfriend I've been cooking pretty much all of our evening meals. I definitely prefer to cook a homemade meal but sometimes when I get in at 6pm from my day at college I just can't be bothered to do much in terms of preparing dinner, so I tend to go for meals which are either instant of a lot simpler on a weekday night. But I do enjoy putting in some more effort when I've got more time at the weekends. I like trying out new recipes, but more often than not stick to the ones I know best. Since cooking the dinner every night has become more of a chore I've started to bake more which I do enjoy. I also thought that baking my own snacks to take for lunch at college would be cheaper than buying them ready made. I've made a lot of things recently: mincemeat crumble bars, gingernut biscuits, carrot muffins, chocolate chip cookies, to name just a few. So had thought of putting a few photos and recipes on here too.

A Carrot cake I made a long time ago.
As well as cooking the food I enjoying buying it. I love wandering round shops and looking at all they have to offer. I like shopping around to see where's cheapest. I also love to buy locally produced food, so I shop in a local fruit and veg shop, buy milk sourced nearby and buy free-range local eggs. I would like to start buying my meat from a local butcher as well. We live on a fairly tight budget as I don't really earn any money being a full-time student so I've found that it is also a lot cheaper to buy this way.

23 March 2012

Dreamer or realist?

Some people say you're either a dreamer or a realist. I'd like to think I'm a bit of both. I love to dream, but realistically I know that it's hard to achieve you dreams.
As a child I used to live for my dreams, I was such a day dreamer and I still do dream a lot. Especially when I'm on my own and have got time to think, like when I'm on the bus, I will just sit and and immerse myself in my dreams, thinking of every detail. When I was younger, I used to want my dreams to be true so much that I would make believe and pretend they were real. I love thinking of all the things I wish I could have, things I wish I could do and be, the things I want from life as well as the everything I want to give. But I don't believe that dreaming for all these things will lead me to have them, I know that in life you need to work hard to get what you want, things don't just happen, you need to make them happen. The hardest part is knowing how to get there. Some dreams seem so unrealistic that they seem impossible. I don't think anything's impossible. If you really want something, like really want it, then you will be able to get it. It's just hard to see the small steps you'll need to get there, and if you do know that, then it's motivation that you need. Sometimes I find it really hard to be motivated, quite honestly sometimes I just 'can't be bothered' and that's really not the attitude I want to have!
I hope I find a way to make my dreams come true. I know all this talk of 'dreams' has been a little vague but maybe one day I will share my dreams with you all.

While looking for an appropriate image to accompany this post I found these quotes
"Only as high as I reach can I grow,
Only as far as I seek can I go,
Only as deep as I look can I see,
Only as much as I dream can I be."

"Follow your dreams to reach your goals,
Follow your goals to reach your dreams."

22 March 2012

I hate having a cold !!!

I've been ill this week. Just a cold but I hate them! Had most of the week off college (only been to 2 lessons) so I've got a lot to catch up on. Definitely going in tomorrow though and got my driving lesson, so hopefully I'll be feeling a bit better and getting out the house and doing some work will get me going again. Not felt like doing much, felt so lazy just sitting round doing nothing when there's always so many things I need to do.

16 March 2012

Book Review: 'At First Sight' by Nicholas Sparks

One of the most beautiful, but sad, stories I have ever read. After finishing another one of Nicholas Sparks' novels, I am reminded of how much I love them.

'At First Sight' is a story about falling in love, relationships, marriage, parenthood, trust and believing. From the very start I was captured by the story of the couple presented in the book. Although as with most of Nicholas Sparks' books the best part is the ending, the part of the book that leaves you with a lasting impression. Heart-wrenchingly sad, but simply beautiful too.

The story is about a man, Jeremy, who meets a woman, Lexie, on his travels as a writer. After spending just one week with her he falls in love and goes back to find her six weeks later to propose to her. After she accepts, he gives up his life in New York City and moves down south to be with her. Learning that Lexie is pregnant, the wedding is promptly planned for and the couple buy a new house together. From there they begin to have their ups and downs as a couple, learning that if their relationship is to last they must have trust in each other. There is also some unexpected news and a shocking tragedy that follows. But all ends well, as a new life has begun and the last image you're left with shows the unconditional love felt in this story.

I wanted to share a small section of the book that I loved reading, as I felt it was so true but something most of us don't think about. It explains the relationship between a man and woman, a couple and what each of them expects of the other, the sacrifices we make for the ones we love.

Lexie's grandmother giving her some 'words of wisdom' when the couple was going through a rough time before the wedding:

"Let me tell you, they [men] can be rip-roaring mad or frustrated or worried about work or life, but in the end, they're pretty simple to figure out once you know what makes them tick. And one of the things that make them tick is an almost desperate need to feel appreciated and admired."
"Of course they want great sex and want you to keep the house clean and neat and organised while looking beautiful and still having the energy to do fun things together, but admiration and appreciation are right up there."
"Men have to make sacrifices, too. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you want Jeremy to hold your hand and snuggle as you watch a movie, you want him to share his feelings and listen, you want him to spend time with your daughter and earn enough not only to buy but renovate the house. Well, I'll tell you straight up that no man says to himself as he's walking down the aisle, Gee, I'm going to work hard and sacrifice so I can provide a good living for my family, and I'm going to spend hours with my kids even when I'm tired, all the while hugging and kissing and listening to my wife and telling her all my troubles, and meanwile, I'm not going to expect a single thing." ..." A man promises to do the things to keep you happy in the hopes that you, too, will do the things that keep him happy"
"Men have certain needs, women have different needs; that's the way it was hundreds of years ago, and the way it's going to be hundreds of years from now. If you both realise that, and you both work on meeting each others needs, you'll have a good marriage. And part of that, for both or you, is trust. In the end, it's that simple."

I would highly recommend this book, and any others by Nicholas Sparks of which I've read 'Dear John' and 'The Last Song'.

14 March 2012

At least one book a month!

I love reading, always have. I remember starting to read the Harry Potter series about the time when I was in year 4 at primary school. I used to read a lot, and it was a great thing to do with all the time spent on the bus to and from college. Although last year coming up to my exams, when I was supposed to be revising I decided I was spending too much time reading and stopped reading hoping I would spend more time revising. After that I couldn't get back into reading, and haven't read much for almost a year. So I would definitely love to read more! And I don't really like to set this as a goal, as it's something I wish to enjoy and not something I feel I have to do. But I have started reading more lately, and hopefully plan on writing reviews on the books I've read.
I liked this picture because as it's spring time there's a lot of daffodils around at the moment, fields and fields of them in Cornwall, and when the weathers nice I also like to read outside in the sunshine.

Books I have read recently: The Choice, Stolen, Scarred, Entangled.

I boiled an egg!

Something so simple, but something I had never done! Well I have now. Made a soft boiled and hard boiled egg and will make a lot more as egg sandwiches are soo good!

10 March 2012

Driving Lessons

I recently started my driving lessons after having my provisional license for over a year. I've had 4 lessons so far, but I'm finding it very challenging. I didn't think it was going to be easy but I thought soon as though most people can drive it can't be that hard! After my first couple of lessons I was thinking: "Everyone else makes this look so easy!", "This is harder than rocket science!", "You have to think about sooo many things at the same time!" and "There's to much to look at". I can now understand how easily accidents can happen when your full concentration isn't on your driving.
I've done a few stupid things, but so far I haven't stalled the car or hit the kerb! I've done a few bad things with the gears though, like changing gear from 2nd to 5th, or changing gear but not quite getting it into a gear and so was left in neutral!
It's starting to get a little easier though, the more practice I get. It would be nice to just get used to controlling the car before dealing with other traffic, but I guess that can't be avoided. I will be so pleased when I eventually pass my test; it will definitely be a big achievement!

8 March 2012

Results Day!

We got our results for our January exams today at college. Obviously I hope for the best but I don't worry about what I'll get. I'll accept whatever results I get, and if they're not good then so be it, I can only improve in the future. (I take this attitude to most things in life: what's done is done, I can only move on and improve.) Turns out that my results ranged from very good...to very bad!
Basically my whole class (except one) got a U (failed) on our Physics exam! Our physics lecturer wasn't too pleased, but what can he say if we all fail - does that say something about how well the subject was taught to us? Or how much effort we put in to revising for the exam? Personally I think neither were great. I've not been putting so much effort into Physics lately because I don't think that it's important for what I want to do anymore. But needless to say, we're all retaking the exam as good grades are needed for Uni.

Anyway, that was the worst part. Maths was OK-ish. I got a C. I would've liked a higher grade, so I might retake, but it's a grade I can live with. Chemistry and Biology however, I am rather pleased with. (A's in both!) I know for these two subjects, especially Biology, I put a lot of effort into revising for and was focused on getting good grades in these as I know they're the subjects I need for the Uni courses I've applied for.
Overall the day was really good. Even the bad results in Physics didn't put a downer on the day. Didn't get much work done but had great fun at lunch with my friends!

Sleep is much needed!

I was going to put up a post last night. I'd planned to after dinner but instead I just crashed out on the sofa. Not good.

I have such long days at college and so little sleep that I get extremely tired sometimes (well, most of the time). To the point where I can't even keep my eyes open, hence sleeping on the bus and constant yawning during classes. So this is the reason for my goal of getting 8 hours of sleep a night (it would make an improvement on the current 6 hours I'm getting!)
I also have at least 3 hours traveling a day, which although I'm just sat on a bus the whole time is actually very tiring. Leave the house at 7 in the morning and don't get home until gone 6, so I hardly have any time outside college to get anything done. I get so stressed out sometimes about how little time I have to get anything done, and how tired I know I'll be when I don't get to sleep til really late.
So hopefully getting some more sleep will help this!

6 March 2012

Talking to my brother...

One of my goals was to talk to my brother at least once a week. This is because I have recently moved out of home, and so I'm not always there for him like I was to talk to etc. So if I call him at least once a week that will be my way of still being there for him.
I think I can say that this one I've completed. I started phoning regularly, but my brother said: "I can't be bothered to hold the phone when you call me."...I know, so lazy right! So he suggested using skype, so now we've been talking on skype almost every night. It's a great way of keeping in touch as well as being able to see each other. Also, he uses the computer ALOT, and using skype he can show me what he's up to (show me his screen).

So, Skype was my solution to this goal, keeping in contact with my brother. I'd highly recommend trying out Skype for anyone who wants to keep in contact with friends/family who don't live close by.

5 March 2012

First blog post...

Well, basically I just decided to start this blog as I have created a list of goals that I wish to achieve and wanted a way to keep track of things for myself and share my experiences with others. I made this list a couple of weeks ago and so have started to work on a few of them. Ideally I would like to put up a blog post everyday, either showing how I've achieved something on the list of explaining why I want to do something that's on the list. Or just to share something.