26 August 2012

Cadgwith Regatta

This year the Regatta wasn't as good as usual. It was surprisingly quiet for Regatta, just like it would be in Cadgwith on a lovely sunny day but we didn't have the sunshine. Most of the events took place but I did notice that there wasn't so many people taking part.

It was a shame really as this is usually one of the biggest events of the year in Cadgwith. I don't think there has been a year of my life that I have missed this event. It's normally a day that's so lively and gets all the locals together for a little competetive sport and socialising.

19 August 2012

I'm Going To University!

Last Thursday I received my A Level results. They weren't the best grades but I was extremely happy as I also found out that I've got into my first choice of University, The University of Sussex. That day I could not stop smiling I was so happy! First thing I did was call all my family to let them know, and my Dad took me out for a meal that evening to celebrate. The following day I saw my Mum and she gave me a present for getting into Uni.

My friends stayed over that night too and we went out for a night in Truro to celebrate. Tried a couple of different drinks that evening. I think we all agreed the drinking aspect of the night was more fun than dancing in the club as the music wasn't as good this time and it was so crowded we were constantly being bumped into. We got the drinks in Wetherspoons first as it's cheaper in there, and we shared cocktail pitchers and shots between us.

Yesterday I received an email from the University of Sussex informing me of the room I have been allocated in the halls of residence. It wasn't my first choice of accommodation but it still looks pretty good. There was also a lot of other information sent with the email, such as I didn't know that our rent covered insurance too. I can move into my room at Uni on the 15th of September and that following week is Freshers Week. There's also a Facebook group for each residence run by the University for people to talk and find out who will be in their flat before we get there or who will be on the same course. I think I've found one person who will be in my flat so far and it's a five person flat.

6 August 2012

Brittany, France - the place, the culture, the people, the life.

I am currently on holiday in France visiting my grandparents. I've taken my brother with me and we came across on the ferry to Brittany last Tuesday. We're staying at their house in central Brittany until next Friday.

It's a lovely place to be here. The countryside is beautiful and the land is a lot less populated than it is back in the UK. I love that they've still got huge forests out here, and seem to use a lot more renewable energy than we do. I love the style of houses out here and culture that's still kept strong. They have an attitude that if it's not broken then there's no need to replace it, so many people still use old things that we wouldn't. The bakeries here appear to be so traditional, baking fresh bread everday, and also the crossiants, baguettes and fruit tarts (made with patisserie custard which I love!). They also seem more self-suffient than the British, many tending to their own vegetable gardens and keeping animals for produce. The way of life out here is far more relaxed than what we're used to. All the shops in the towns and cities close at midday for their lunch break, but this would be almost unheard of in the UK. It's a lovely place to live out here and a great place to be growing up for the children. The kind of place I'd maybe like to live myself one day. (Just need to learn the language!)

My favourite French dessert.

2 August 2012


Last Friday night I went out clubbing for the first time with my friends. It was awesome! We waited until we were all 18 and were able to go together for the first time.
I hate going out to pubs, I think they're so boring and there's never anyone there for me to talk to. That's why it was great going with my friends. And the music was so my type of music. I loved it and once we were in a place that was full of people it was easy to start dancing. I especially loved it when the song 'Niggas in Paris' by Jay-Z and Kanye West came on as that's what got me to let loose a little more and dance a little of my type of dancing. None of us drank too much, which allowed me to enjoy it all the more. We stayed there until the club closed at 2:30 in the morning. As soon as we left I couldn't wait to go again!