7 July 2012

Don't Judge Me

This post is inspired by Chis Brown's song titled 'Don't Judge Me'.

Some Lyrics:
So please don't judge me
 And I won't judge you
 Cause it could get ugly 
Before it gets beautiful
Please don't judge me
And I won't judge you
And if you love me
Then let it be beautiful

I think the meaning of these words is so true. Someone may have done all sorts of things in their past, but people can change over time. Take someone for who they are, and don't listen to what others have told you about this person. So this song is basically saying don't judge someone on the person they used to be because that may not be who they are now. And if you give them a chance, you never know what could happen. If you enjoy spending time with someone it doesn't matter who they used to be with or what they've done before. The past can't be changed but you can create the future you want.

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