22 July 2012

Summer Update

What a lovely day! Is this Summer finally arriving? I hope so.
Spent all of yesterday afternoon sat in the garden with Dan. It was the first day we were really able to do that and it was really nice to be just sat out together, talking and having fun without being stuck inside, Dan being on the xbox and me doing my own thing.
And today's been even better weather, although Dan's not come outside much as he got rather sun burnt yesterday. Someone who refuses to put sun cream on but always gets sun burnt!
I hope the weather stays this nice all week, and when I go on holiday. We've got family staying with us this week and my brother finishes school for the summer on Tuesday. It'd be nice to have a few beach days together.
And then the following week me and my brother will be going to France to visit our grandparents. I'm definitely looking forward to that!

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