11 March 2013

Daily Diary: 11th March

Most days are pretty similar; get up, go to lectures or labs, come back to my room, attempt to get some work done, make myself some dinner, spend far to much time on the internet and watching youtube videos/tv programmes...and the part I spend all day looking forward to, talking to Michael on skype. Those days, for the most part, are quite boring. At a later date I won't remember anything specific about what happened. It takes something special to make a day memorable. I remember everyday me and Michael have spent together. Each and every one of those days was special, more than special but I can't think of a word.
He came to stay this weekend. It was special for no more than the reason that we were together. He left this morning and tonight we were back to talking on skype. It doesn't feel right, we should be together. I can't wait until the day that we do move in together and can be with each other everyday.

Not as good as it looked on the plate (as this was leftover), but this is what Michael made on Saturday. Minted lamb courgettes, with potato dauphinoise.

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