6 May 2012

YouTube Obsession

I love YouTube. I'm subscribed to so many people on there and my 'watch later' playlist is always full!
 I started off just watching music videos on YouTube. Then I found a love for finding unsigned singers who recorded themselves singing covers or their own originals, and shared the videos on YouTube. It's amazing that this is how some singers have actually been discovered and signed and I remember watching some of these people before they were discovered (singers like Esmeé Denters, Mia Rose, Conor Maynard etc.) . Lately I haven't been doing this so much.

After that it was around the time that I really wanted to pursue a career of becoming a Midwife and was interested in pregnancy etc. So I started watching pregnancy vlogs where pregnant women would do weekly videos updating on and recording their pregnancies. It's great to follow these people as they put up their videos each week, and it really makes me realise how fast time flies when I think about when I started watching a certain person and they were say 4 months pregnant and now they've got a one and a half year old! I think my favourite channel to watch is GabeandJesss. I still do watch these videos but not so much now as I've not been finding new channels to follow and most of the ones I was watching have stopped putting videos up.

Now though, the videos I mostly watch are about make-up, skincare etc. by the 'beauty gurus' on YouTube. I think I started off mainly watching make-up tutorials, but now that I'm subscribed to many of them and follow their channels there's quite a variety of beauty orientated videos. I love watching videos on product reviews, monthly favourites, top 10's, what's in my make-up bag etc. mainly because I'm nosy and like to see what products other people are using! I like to see what people like/dislike, what a lot of people are using and would recommend as it influences what I choose and buy when it comes to make-up, skincare, hair etc. products. Plus I guess I'm quite girly in that way that I just like to watch people talking about beauty and it's something I love and am interested in. Some of the channels I love watching are: FleurDeForce, missglamorazzi, pixi2woo, meganheartsmakeup, AllThatGlitters21, to name (and link) just a few. Because I love watching these type of videos so much I thought maybe I could do a similar thing on my blog and do some product reviews/things I'm loving. Maybe monthly favourites posts on my blog but there wouldn't be many as I mainly stick to the same routine.

There's a few other types of videos I watch on YouTube. As I've been watching the same people for a long time you get to know them a little and so I also watch some of their vlog channels. These can be talking about book reviews, health tips, food, exercise, daily life, fashion etc. And I'm also subscribed to the Sorted cooking/recipe channel. This is the only cooking type channel I am subscribed to and I think all the recipes they do are amazing. Their cookbooks are also on my wishlist to buy!

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