7 May 2012

Finding books - goodreads.com

Recently I've started getting the books I read from my local Library. It's great because I don't have to spend lots of money buying books to be able to enjoy reading, and most often once I've read a book once I won't read it again so there's not much point owning and keeping all the books I read. The only bad thing about choosing books in a library is you don't get any ideas of what might be good to read you just walk into a room with shelves and shelves full of books and have to find something yourself. Not like in a book shop where they'll have popular/recommended books, or say the paperback charts and more books that are sorted into genres to help choose something that's good. So to find something in the library you pretty have to know what you're looking for and search for an exact book. I don't know the names of many authors and don't really know whats good and whats not, which is mainly why I've been sticking to reading Nicholas Sparks books as I know they're all highly recommended.

So I've been looking out for books that people would recommend, watching book reviews on YouTube, reading the comments on books on Amazon and then I found the website www.goodreads.com. It's kind of like a social network site for book readers. You can list all the books you've read, rate books, write and read reviews on books and use this to make a list of books you'd like to read. They also have their own charts on there as to what the most popular books are. So if you're someone you enjoys reading make an account on goodreads and add me as a friend: http://www.goodreads.com/BeanyJane Or leave a comment with any book recommendations...

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