20 May 2012

Olympic Torch Relay

Yesterday I went to watch the Olympic Torch go through the city where I live. I'm not a sporty person and  I'm not really interested in sports, but I would support the Olympics as it promotes sports and being active and also being competitive. It's really nice that the Olympic Torch is traveling through Britain as it involves all the communities making everyone feel like they've seen part of the Olympics themselves. Although, I was quite surprised by all the entourage that came along with the runner carrying the Olympic Torch, and how much it must have cost for all these vehicles.
Slightly out-of-focus!
The Coca-Cola bus.

Samsung bus, cheering on the crowds.

I thought the back of the Samsung bus looked more like the back of a boat than a bus!

Lloyds TSB bus.

Olympic coaches.

Balloons, flags, ribbons and whistles were handed out to the crowds.

Camera people filming the event.
The runner carrying the Olympic Torch!

Map on the back of the Olympic buses showing all the places where they were traveling to.

Coca-Cola 'Mini' Sound system!
I'm glad I didn't miss this event as it's something I might not be able to do again.

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