3 April 2012

I Love Music!

Music is a passion of mine and something I truly love. Since I was really young, I can remember always dreaming that one day I could be a singer. I love to sing, all the time. It was just a dream that I thought would never be possible, that maybe I wasn't good enough. Even so, I have always enjoyed it and honestly don't care if I'm no good cause it's something I enjoy most. I also love dancing to music, and the type of music I would dance to is usually very different to the types of songs I like to sing.
I'm always listening to music too. I like all types of different music; R&B, rock, acoustic, hip-hop etc. but I especially love it when they've got a good voice. Some of my favourite artists (e.g. Christina Aguilera, Charice, Mariah Carey) are people who I think have got amazing voices and can really sing. I love to watch live performances and discover unsigned singers who put videos up on youtube. For some people this is how they've achieved recognition and made it as a singer in the music industry.

Some of my favourite live performances to watch:

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