17 April 2012

Some views/things I hate :/

One of my teachers at school once said that 'hate' was a very strong word; I agree. I would never say that I hate a person, I could only say that I hate something they have done/do.
I hate it when someone says someone is ugly; no one is ugly, and no one deserves to be called ugly.
I hate it when someone says someone is weird; they're not weird. That person may be different to you, and the people you're used to seeing but we're all different from one another. We're individual, we are who we are and should be ourselves.
I hate it when someone is judged without being known by the person taking judgement. If you don't know someone you don't know what their life is like, why they act the way they do or are in the situation they are in.
I hate it when someone says they need something when really they mean they just want that thing. They may think that it's something they need, but really there are very few things in life we actually need, almost everything is things we want that aren't essential.

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