8 April 2012

Get up and go!

I hate having lazy days, spending half the day in bed and not getting anything done. It feels like such a waste of time! I'd rather get up and ready for the day, and go out to do something, or at least do something productive.
It's the Easter holidays at the moment (two weeks off college), and it's great to have a break. Although I find that when I'm not busy, I just get very lazy, where as if I'm doing lots of things I will continue to be busy - once I get going I carry on going. Kinda goes in circles. Right now though, I feel pretty bad 'cause I've been very lazy! The time seems to be going so quickly and I just haven't really done anything. I really need to get motivated and doing things; like revising for my exams that are coming up (need to get the grades to get into Uni!), getting stuff ready to go away at the end of this week (going to visit a Uni) and getting more organised.

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