19 August 2012

I'm Going To University!

Last Thursday I received my A Level results. They weren't the best grades but I was extremely happy as I also found out that I've got into my first choice of University, The University of Sussex. That day I could not stop smiling I was so happy! First thing I did was call all my family to let them know, and my Dad took me out for a meal that evening to celebrate. The following day I saw my Mum and she gave me a present for getting into Uni.

My friends stayed over that night too and we went out for a night in Truro to celebrate. Tried a couple of different drinks that evening. I think we all agreed the drinking aspect of the night was more fun than dancing in the club as the music wasn't as good this time and it was so crowded we were constantly being bumped into. We got the drinks in Wetherspoons first as it's cheaper in there, and we shared cocktail pitchers and shots between us.

Yesterday I received an email from the University of Sussex informing me of the room I have been allocated in the halls of residence. It wasn't my first choice of accommodation but it still looks pretty good. There was also a lot of other information sent with the email, such as I didn't know that our rent covered insurance too. I can move into my room at Uni on the 15th of September and that following week is Freshers Week. There's also a Facebook group for each residence run by the University for people to talk and find out who will be in their flat before we get there or who will be on the same course. I think I've found one person who will be in my flat so far and it's a five person flat.

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