8 September 2012

Lots of Walking!

This post should've gone up a week ago, but better late than never! The week before last my Auntie and Uncle came to visit. The evening that they arrived we all went out for a meal at our local pub, The Mounts Bay. Even my brother joined us, and they do really great food there.
The following day we went for a walk around The Lizard ending up at The Lizard point, the most southerly place on mainland UK. And because it's a Cornish thing to do we sat at the cafe on The Lizard point and had cream teas.

Later that afternoon we walked down to the harbour in Mullion as my brother was down there with his friends and needed to be told to come home for dinner. He goes down to the harbour as him and his friends like jumping of the end and that's what they'd spent the whole afternoon doing! My brother's one of the people stood in wetsuits at the end of the harbour in the photo below.

The next day I actually had a driving lesson so I didn't do anything exciting. But on the Thursday we went for another walk to Kynance Cove, near The Lizard. It's beautiful place to see and definitely a bit of a tourist attraction around here.

That afternoon after we'd been back a while and had lunch, we went for another walk around the village in Mullion and then down to Polurrian beach.

It was great to see my Auntie and Uncle, as they hadn't been down to Cornwall for many years. I really enjoyed talking to them while they were down, and hope to see them again soon.

For more photos go to: beanyjanephotography.blogspot.com

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