25 September 2012

Freshers Week: Accommodation

The accommodation at University that I was allocated wasn't my first choice when I applied but I am very happy with where I am. I am in a flat with 4 other people. We each have our own bedroom and share the bathroom and kitchen areas. Our flat is in Lewes Court in Block 1.

The Front Door

My first impressions of my new home were: my bedroom is bigger than I expected, the sink area in my room is huge with a big mirror, we actually have a bath in the bathroom, there's a lot of storage in both my bedroom and the kitchen. There was only a few very minor things that we had issues with, such as I have a very creaky bed and the drain was blocked in the shower when we moved in.
Before moving in I wasn't sure exactly what the shared bathroom comprised of. In the flat there is a room with a bath, toilet and sink, a separate toilet and separate shower room. They are just basic bathroom facilities although I would've liked a better shower. The main thing that annoys me about the shower now, is that you can't move the shower head at all. I have been quite surprised that sharing the bathroom is so easy, as whenever I go to use it it's always available. The one thing that's not convenient though is not being able to keep personal things in the bathrooms, and so having to take a wash bag and towel etc. with you when using the shower.
We also have the kitchen communal area. There is more storage in the kitchen than I thought we would have, the hardest part is diving the storage up equally between all the flat members. I didn't want to feel like I was taking all the space, but I think we've all claimed our own areas for storage in the kitchen. Whether that be one of the drawers, a cupboard, or one of the shelves in a cupboard. There are two fridge freezers in which we have each taken a shelf and drawer. The two things we don't like in that room are how wobbly/unstable the chairs are and the fact that we can't keep the door open as it's alarmed. Not being able to keep the door open makes it feel like that room is being shut off from the rest of the flat. There's also two sofas in the communal room but we feel like we'd like to make it more homely in there by adding cushions on the sofa and pictures on the walls. That way we'd be more likely to spend more time in there.

(Photos to be added, once my room looks nice!)

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