27 June 2012

What To Do . . .

I've completely finished college now; no more work to do and no more stressing over exams! I've got about 8 weeks until I plan to be going away to University and was hoping I could find a job to fill the gap in between. I've asked around in some of the shops and supermarkets if they've got anything going but not had any luck. After being recommended I decided to register with Smith and Reed Recruitment in the hope that I would be able to find work through them. So that's what I've done today.
I'm also still continuing with my driving lessons and I'm aiming to pass my test before the end of August. At least now I have no more college work I can concentrate solely on learning to drive and am able to have more regular lessons.
Other than that I'm left with not much to do. I don't like to be lazy as I feel like that's a waste of time so I would like to be doing something in my time off. I thought I could work on improving the state of the garden, or the house but don't have anything to work with. It would be good to find somewhere nice to walk around here too. I've now got more time to work on my blogs as well, but as I'm not doing much there's not much to say about what I've been up too.

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