19 January 2014

A Piece of Thoughtful Writing

My boyfriend, Michael, asked me to share something he had written, so I thought why not. It's something he had written a few years ago, but I like it. It's meaningful and makes you think.  

          Home is where the heart is,
          To build a strong castle you must begin with a strong base,
          It does not matter where your heart is,
          But who it is with,
          My heart is with my family,
          I begin with them,
          I must build my base strong before I build my middle and top floors,
          My floors are my future, but will become my present,
          I travel into the future, but cannot travel back into the past,
          My past will be lost,
          My past isn't in a place, but a time,
          In my mind, time stands still,
          Memories have no time scale,
          In my mind, my past is my base,
          It is my heart,
          It is everything that I fight for,
          Make my base better, make my base stronger,
          When my future becomes my present,
          My base will keep my castle strong,
          And when my castle becomes my past,
          From foundations, to ground, to middle, to top,
          When my past becomes their past,
          Death comes to us all,
          I shall die happy,
          And when my past becomes their past,
          My castle would have stood strong for centuries,
          And when their past becomes their past,
          My castle would have been admired for an eternity,
          As I have admired those past, who made my base strong.

          By Milrus

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