28 March 2015

itsu - Healthy Food on the High Street

On my recent trips into Brighton I had noticed this new food place that had opened called itsu and I was quite intrigued. Usually when looking for a place to eat when I'm out shopping I go for something cheap, which most of the time means unhealthy. Probably due to habit I gravitate towards McDonalds, but fast-food never makes me feel good. I had mentioned this place to my boyfriend and he told me I should go there and try it, it's not like we can't afford it. So yesterday that's exactly what I did!

As I stepped into the store, it was very inviting - I don't know why I thought it looked slightly intimidating, although that was probably just because it was somewhere new to me. There was an area to freely browse all their chilled options, which all looked very fresh and healthy. I felt there was quite an Asian influence in their food options due to lots of things like sweet chilli sauce, soy sauce, sushi etc. If you're a lover of that type of cuisine, like myself, I'm sure you would love this place. They also had hot food, snacks, desserts and drinks on the menu. There were vegetarian options within all their ranges. There slogan is "eat beautiful" and they are dedicated to creating lower fat and lower calorie but delicious food.

I was spoilt for choice, but I went for the chicken teriyaki salad. This consisted of a bed of sushi rice topped with leeks, peas, ginger, seasame seeds and teriyaki chicken. The teriyaki sauce was provided in a small pot embedded in the rice. It was absolutely delicious. So fresh, full of flavour and so satisfying!

I got mine to take away to keep things a little cheaper - they have to charge VAT if you eat in the store. I loved the way they packaged it for me; in a strong bag with a flat bottom to keep your food upright, a napkin and cutlery. Talking of which, the cutlery wasn't rubbish like most take away ones and they even offer chopsticks (if you can use them, I can't) - it's the little things that count!

I had a great first impression of itsu and will definitely be returning on my next trip into the city. It's great to see a quick and easy healthy food option on the high street - it's like healthy fast-food. itsu has most of its stores in London, but there are a few popping up elsewhere. If you've got one nearby I would highly recommend giving it a try!

Click here to find your nearest store - http://www.itsu.com/locations/shops/

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