20 February 2016

Mother's Day Gift Guide

When it comes to Mother's Day gifts I think that the more personal the better and the best of all are hand made gifts. However, if you're looking for something to buy for your Mum this Mother's Day I have put together a few ideas which I hope will help.

1. A framed photo. This one I found can be personalised with your own message to make it extra special.

2. Some photos in a photo album. Takes a bit more effort but this is a gift which would be cherished, I'm sure. (Example shown above.)


3. A dressing gown. Treat Mum to a soft, cosy dressing gown like this one

4. Bath and body products. Encourage Mum to have a bit of me time with a gift set like this one


5. A book. Choose a book suited to something your Mum is interested in. If she is interested in beauty then this one is a great read.

6. A makeup product. A neutral eye shadow palette like this one would be very universal for most makeup wearing Mums

7. A bouquet of flowers. These ones are particularly lovely but I would suggest going to your local florist.

8. A scented candle. I really like this Rhubarb Flower scented candle and think it would make a great gift.

9. A box of chocolates. My preferred choice would be a small box of extra special chocolates like these.

Hope this has given you some ideas, but remember the best gift of all is time. Let me know what you get up to on Mother's day with your Mum, or what you've got planned this year. 

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